Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday morning start

amaryllis work in progress - oil on canvas- 24x36
I've been thinking about painting (putting off) my Amaryllis for about 2 weeks, and so was pleasantly surprised to find myself at the easel attempting it this morning.  I want to find a harmony between the relationship of the flower's sillouette, the winter light coming through the window, and a satisfying design.   I am interested in the stature of the flower.  I perceive an apparent grace, somewhere a soft trumpeting of hope in the winter sunshine.  That's my idea anyway.
For my process, I am working on a vibrant pink ground.  My palette has white, indian yellow, vermillion, cad red, ultra blue, burnt umber on it. So far I've squeezed out 3 gobs of white and worked my way through most of it! I'm tinting it with various palette colours and mixing light neutrals. I think the light and medium toned neutrals will be the main structure for this painting.


  1. Love it already. I love Amaryllises -- is that the plural? But I love what you say about their stature. I have not grown any this year, but mind always pitch over when the blooms come out if they are not supported. This is lovely.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. I have never heard of Amaryllises but I REALLY love this painting, Sally!! :)

  3. Hi Barbara, thanks for the fb challenge nomination! Yes usually my Amaryllis pitch over too, but for some reason not this year.

  4. hey there Keith, yes Amaryllis is a 'Christmas' flower as it their bulbs are available in gift boxes in November in grocery stores etc. they are super easy to grow, you just plant the bulb and wait:) thanks for your comment.


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