Tuesday, February 12, 2013

beach houses

beach houses - oil on distressed wood - each are 2.5 x 3 inches
Day-dreaming of holidays; painting these teeny tiny beach houses on unfinished wood blocks are the next best thing to being there for me.  I like painting on wood, i prefer it to canvas...but maybe not over linen...i love linen. Linen has a smoother weave than canvas; my brush glides easily on it.  It's why i like painting on wood too, I guess; less drag on the brush. 

I've been waiting for an order of small wood supports to arrive.  Getting impatient, I had some unfinished wood blocks in the studio.  Looking at their texture reminded me of weathered wood. ...Perhaps 'beach houses' could be a theme?  Perhaps a 'distressed'  border around each? ... i think i feel a collection...


  1. Oh my goodness Sally,

    I am so far behind in commenting. I'll catch up. These are wonderful. Feel a series coming on? This seems like a series right now. So great!

    XO Barbara

  2. Hello Sally:
    These are simply delightful. They do so put us in mind of the gaily painted beach huts to be found in many British seaside resorts.

  3. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks! nice to hear from you. Yes i am really enjoying these, and have ideas for other themes that might suit the rough hewn wood too.

  4. Hi Jane and Lance,
    thanks for your encouragement. There is such a multitude of different types of beach houses, i'm having fun inventing these! something about the sea...it takes us all back in memory of our early experiences by the seaside.

  5. These are really lovely Sally. They look great all together and make for an excellent series.

  6. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you! I've been experimenting with creating small pieces on rough wood, and i've been enjoying doing these.

  7. i lOVE love love these little beach houses! Bright and colourful, totally my style!

  8. Hello Sally!
    Big snowstorm here in Northeast USA! Two to three feet on snow! Nice to have power and be online to see these lovely and WARM looking beach houses! Enjoy your summer!
    Nice job with these!
    Your snowy art buddy from USA!

  9. Hi Holly!
    Thanks, i thought you'd like these little guys...since you're such a beachystyle gal. hee hee. love ya.

  10. Hi Michael...Thanks for your comment! i live in Canada, and we are getting what you are getting in the USA...cold weather and snow! I just dream of summer in these beachy paintings. heh heh.
    all the best!

  11. Hi Sally,
    Love this set of little beach houses. The distressed wood and pretty colours. A reminder of summer holidays at the seaside in England - I can almost hear those seagulls!

  12. Hi Sarah!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and welcome! Thanks for your comment...yes i really like the 'novelty' of the distressed wood in various shades of pastel 'whitewash', and somehow painting beachhouses just takes me away and it's been an enjoyment.

  13. Sally!
    I am so sorry! For some reason I thought you were living in Australia!
    "Oh Canada!"
    Your USA neighbor art buddy,

  14. Hi Michael,
    ha ha ha! i fooled ya i guess with my 'Happy Australia Day' blogpost a while back. i used to live there but not now. livin in cold and snowy Ontario.


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