Friday, February 22, 2013

Part of the process

Getting myself somewhat organized is a bit of a balancing act for me. I dont know about you, but if I let things get too cluttered in my studio i just cant seem to focus at all.  A happy medium between tidy and untidy seems to work best. 
This morning, after receiving a reject letter for an art show I applied for; instead of throwing it out in frustration, i decided to create some files.(yes real files in a drawer...not on the computer!)
I figure after a few years I will likely aquire a optimistic self thinks that instead of being a negative thing this could actually benefit me positively.  In the same way that I get a certain satisfaction out of crossing things off of a 'to do list', I figure that in time I will look back at this file and see it as a testament to the things I attempted and perservered with,not the rejection that it represents today.
In the meantime I cant wait to paint some more beach-houses...that's the little blocks up there on the shelf waiting. I usually use a 'quick-dry white' plus a tint colour for the painting ground, but I didn't have any 'quick-dry white' i used regular 'titanium white' instead. not a good idea.  The thick ground(applied with a palette knife) is taking just FOREVER to dry...another lesson learned! 
I'm off to Halifax this Monday for a few 'girly' nights with my middle daughter Rachel. woohoo! excited.


  1. Have a lovely 'girly' time and when you get back your beach house blocks will be ready to paint!

  2. Sally!
    Even your colorful folders make great works of art!
    Rejections! What do critics know! We paint for exhilaration even intoxication and so much more! Never for acceptance! Good for you Sally! Paint on and on!
    (A little town next to mine is called Halifax! Small world! Are you going to Halifax, Nova Scotia? I have been there many times! Love it! Have fun!)
    Your Rainy USA art buddy!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks, I'm looking forward to a 'seachange' Sarah.

  4. Hi Michael,
    You are right Michael, we certainly dont paint for acceptance at all. However it's nice to be able to participate in some artshows, which can network to a wider audience, keeping the art biz ball rolling, so to speak.

  5. Michael,
    it's Halifax Nova Scotia I'll be in.

  6. Dear Optimistic Existentialist,
    your kind comment is warmly received. thank you.

  7. You are great, and inspiring. What a good idea. I have some physical files -- in a file drawer, but now I think I'll create more, and all of those paintings waiting to happen. How exciting!

    XO Barbara

  8. Hi Sally, I hope you had a wonderful time with your daughter.
    I loved hearing about your studio, I am often in various states of chaos but occasionally have everything in place. I always feel inspired to be more organised after seeing how others are set up.

  9. Hi Barbara! thank you for your never wavering enthusiasm. Hope you and Stephen are having a lovely evening.

  10. Hi Wendy,
    Glad to know that hearing aobut my studio is useful to you. I agree it's great to get ideas from one another.


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