Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gallery Cafe Season launching exhibition

2013 Season Exhibition
Sally Chupick 
Frankie Lemonde-Meunier 
Vera Donefer
at Mill Street Cafe Gallery

me and some of my works at  the gallery cafe
4400 Mill Street, Sydenham, Ontario, Canada
Ph: 613-376-1533
Feb 14th - Dec 30th  
The Mill Street Gallery Cafe opens the 2013 season with lunches Tuesday to Saturday, 11:30 to 2:30pm. On display are paintings by Sally Chupick, Vera Donefer and vibrant mixed media works by Frankie Lemonde-Meunier. 
613 376 1533. 4400 Mill Street, Sydenham, ON.


  1. Sally,
    A great photo of you and your wonderful work!
    Fantastic smile!
    Your USA art buddy,

  2. Great photo of you and your work Sally! Am I mistaken or are there a couple of Australian scenes amongst them? Your paintings look fantastic!

  3. Hi Wendy,
    thank you for your kind comment! No, there arent any Australian paintings in this bunch, these are all done in the past year or so, and are mostly on a theme I've been working on that I call 'County Tour'; inspired by a wine tour around Prince Edward County here in Ontario.
    But i do love Australia...we lived there for 3 years, moved back to Canada in 2002.

  4. Super work Sally, and you look wonderful. How exciting to have it up for an entire year.


    XO Barbara

  5. Hi Barbara,
    Yes it's a great little 'local foodie' cafe in Sydenham...all about buying and cooking local. So i'm happy to show here for a whole year. They are happy to have continuity i think...i will change the works from time to time.


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