Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wineries Tour

Wineries Tour - oil on Canvas - 30 x 24"
'Wineries Tour'  is the product of painting through the filter of  my recollections.  The memories are from a county wine tour we went on in September.  It's a side-step away from what i usually do...but who wants to be usual?  It's been quite interesting working in this way, and I'm sure I will experiment with other abstract work when i get the notion.  I've been interested in abstracts for a while. Fun to see what evolves.


  1. Very cool. How exciting. Happy Family Day.

    XOXO Barbara

  2. hi Barbara!
    a bit of a 'journey'(please excuse the over-used cliche) abstracts... but an informative process for me.

  3. Hello My CANADIAN art buddy Sally!
    Love the abstract!
    Great art!
    South Of The Border Michael

  4. Hi Sally,
    Enjoyed seeing your new abstract painting work in progress and the lovely final piece. Looking forward to seeing what develops next.....

  5. Hi Michael from the US of A! Thanks for the encouragement...much appreciated.

  6. Hi Sarah!
    Thanks for your positive comments. It's always a maze treading where one hasn't gone before, but mazes can be fun. So sorry to hear about little Olly's ailment. Glad he's on the mend.


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