Thursday, February 28, 2013

Update on Women Recreated Project

I just returned from Halifax ,Nova Scotia this afternoon! Had a lovely 3 nights with my darlin' Rachel...she's my middle daughter. It was so great to see her, and really great to miss the wicked snow storm that brought Ontario a fresh blanket of the white stuff while i was away. In NS it was sunny and milder, that's my shadow taking the pic and Rachie walking her dog Asha in the sunshine. 

I just received an email today showing the finished image for the Women Recreated Mosaic Project that I took part in for Queens University. It is sort of nice to see how it is coming along.  I think this is the finished image, but it sort of looks like a few of the squares are still unfinished.  Perhaps they didn't get 100% participation for the project. My image is 5 rows down and 5 across.
It was sort of a fun participation project, although i found it challenging to stick to the theme, colours and basic design layout of my assigned square while at the same time interpreting it in my own style of art-making. 

For me, I find it a valuable experience taking part in local art projects that have a purpose of raising awareness or somehow otherwise benefiting the community. Next month I have volunteered to participate in another community arts related project...The Red Door Art Project...which raises funds for Gilda's club which is a cancer support centre. I will be collaborating with musician Emily Fennell.  Very much looking forward to meeting her and to having some fun with the project.


  1. Good going Sally,

    I love the part you created.

    XO Barbara

  2. I really like the piece you created as well as how the whole thing is turning out. Really kind of neat~

  3. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the cheer.

  4. Thanks Barbara, I know you've seen it before so a little old news, but wanted to update the larger image.

  5. Thanks Holly! Yes it's fun to see a collaborative project come to life.

  6. hi Randall,
    thanks for leaving me your comment. It was an interesting project and the finished product will be installed in one of the University's buildings this year.

  7. I love the orange tones and the subject matter in the piece you painted Sally.

  8. Hi Wendy!
    Thanks Wendy! The subject matter was designated...the theme was to illustrate how women are resilient and how they can move forward past adversity. The colours were designated too...i had to stay within the tones of the coloured square I was given...but the design and the style of how it was painted was up to me.


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