Thursday, March 28, 2013

family weekend

Easter weekend is a big deal around here since the inaugeration of the Easter Classic last year.   
What is the Easter Classic you ask?  It's a bolo tournament(backyard game) and we play for a cup.  This year all of my daughters plus partners and inlaws will be here to help us celebrate! I'm excited.  Consequently I've been putting my creative energies into prepping for lots of company coming, so takin a break from painting this week.    
Exciting news is Jeff proposed to Holly last night!  woohoo!!!  So when the gang all arrive this weekend there no doubt will be a lot of celebrating going down.  I hope you have a Happy Easter!


  1. Sounds like there's a lot of excitement going on in the Chupick household. Congratulations to Holly and Jeff!
    I love your potted daffodils - did you make the cute little pot ornaments?
    Good luck with the Easter Classic!
    Happy Easter!

  2. Love your family Easter post!
    Happy Easter and Spring Wendy!

  3. BOLO sounds fun!! Hope you had a nice Easter!!

  4. Hi Wendy! Thank you! We had great weather again for Saturday's tournament, we were so blessed. Many happy memories. Yes I did make the little 'fairy houses' and also created the little spring pot with them in it...thought it'd make a cute display. Hope you had a good Easter weekend.

  5. Thank you Keith, yes Bolo is a great game, everyone plays!

  6. Hi Sally,
    I am so far behind, because for some reason I'm not getting your updates on my blog roll. Must change this. Happy Belated Easter. I love your work.

    XO Barbara

  7. Halloo Barbara! lovely to hear from you. thanks for the love:)


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