Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Classic weekend

We were thanking our lucky stars on Saturday as our Easter Classic Bolo tournament swung into action...the sunshine and warmer temps between days of gray and cold were such a tonic.  Having the family here is a special gift for Dave and I, but the sunshine was icing on the cake; especially since Easter was so early in the season this year. Everybody was in a good mood, Dave too...the sun was in his eyes here. heh heh.  Nights saw us enjoying campfires.  Matt, who is Rachel's boyfriend played guitar for us, setting a mellow mood.  You might have to cover your ears from our singing!


  1. Hi Sally,
    How great that you got some sunshine! Looks like you had a wonderful Easter with your family. Love the cosy bonfire!
    I was impressed that you made the pot ornaments.

  2. Looks like you you had a wonderful time with your family over Easter and congrats to your daughter on her engagment. You should post a film of how to play bolo - who is the new cup holder?

  3. Hi Wendy! Thanks, it was certainly a fun time. The little pot ornaments are made out of polymer clay...easy and fun to play with!

  4. Hey Sarah!
    Yes, i thought of that afterwards...that i didn't actually take any video footage of the bolo game itself! ha ha. duh. but i liked the mood of the campfire so thought it would be fun to share. Since you requested it, i posted the new cup holder's in the above post!


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