Monday, May 13, 2013

farmstead oil painting

Working on some small paintings in the studio today, getting into the swing and rhythm of painting again after having a break of a couple of weeks.  It feels good ...and luscious...and meditative.  This farmstead emerged; there's lots of them like this on roads around South Frontenac. That's the county in which I live. 


  1. Good morning Sally!
    And "luscious" this one is!
    Very, very beautiful!
    Well painted!
    A beautiful place to live. Enjoy!

  2. Always so uplifting to have your joyful comments Michael. Thank you for taking the time..

  3. Sally I just commented on this one in your following post but I felt inspired to comment further. This painting has something very special about it - the colours are just divine. Green is such a peaceful colour for me and there is something ethereally lovely about the way you have painted this scene.

  4. Dear Wendy, it is so appreciated that you took some time to elaborate for me on what moves you about this piece...i love painting peaceful pastoral subjects, i guess it came through here. The blue i used to mix my greens was thalo turquoise; when mixed with the yellows it seems to give a subdued 'quiet' blue/green.

  5. Will keep my eyes out for a thalo turquoise - I already have the green and blue versions and they are among my favourites! They are like magic and it shows here in your painting!!


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