Monday, May 6, 2013

spring - yay!

A good start at the Gallery at the Porch Door this week...visitors and some sales...all good.  Just before closing yesterday afternoon i snapped this piccy; the forsythia and daffs are in bloom out by the sign.
I picked up this  large iris watercolour painting that I had been showing at the hospital in Ottawa; nice to have it up on the wall again in my gallery. It's been a long time since I did a large watercolour like that.  I did think i was going to be doing one for a client this spring, but after back and forth communication we've decided that an oil painting will suit the subject better.  I'm looking forward to beginning it; it's of a BEAUTIFUL property in Australia.
on the farm

Fab weekend...great weather, plus we met Holly & Jeff at a friends farm in Maxville.  Sandy needed some helpers getting the hay bailed and stacked in the barn, so who better to help than a bunch of unsuspecting cityslickers like us? ha ha.  but it WAS fun. We enjoyed an outdoor picnic at lunch and celebrated Jeff's 36th birthday too, and as a special birthday present for Jeff's the Leafs won their playoff game that night!


  1. Hi Sally,

    Beautiful painting and you are certainly a source of pure joy. Just reading your blog makes me so happy!

    XO Barbara

  2. hi ya Barbara. nice to hear from you and thanks!

  3. Hi Sally,
    Congratulations on your sales. The flowers look beautiful at the front of your property. I look forward to seeing the Australian painting.
    I hope you continue to get a lot of visitors.

  4. The painting looks great back in the gallery! We had a lovely weeked on the farm and hanging with you guys. Thanks for making Jeffs birthday so special.

  5. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for your comment! I will post the Aussie painting when done, though it could take a while.

  6. Hi Hols,
    thanks! We loved our weekend too, thanks for the company love.


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