Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Lots of sail training takes place on the lake in Kingston.  I love watching sailboats. Such a great symbol for freedom. We once knew a family who packed up their 2 kids(aged 8 & 10) and their golden lab and went on a year long sail from Montreal (leaving via the St.Lawrence seaway)and down the east coast of North America to the Caribbean. I was amazed.  I couldn't imagine 2 kids and a dog in a car for more than 2 hours, let alone in a tossing and heaving small sailboat.  But I was impressed.  I get seasick really easily so sailing doesn't appeal for me!  But I love watching them from shore.


  1. Sally I just love both this painting and the beautiful farmstead painting that precedes it. You have a fantastic loose style going on with them both. Great work!!!

  2. thanks Wendy! feel like i'm on a roll again:)


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