Thursday, May 9, 2013

studio spring cleaning

I haven't painted since i returned from holiday. Various reasons.  I hope to get that going again soon. Special time communing with paint and canvas is the thing that nourishes my spirit. Like a meditation I feel refreshed and peaceful after a good painting session. I thought I was going to paint yesterday, but I dont know if it was the weather, or me...I was too tired to tap into any creative energy at all.   Instead I decided to do some less taxing but more mundane things like cleaning out my drawers in my studio and re-organizing supplies; getting them off the surfaces they have been cluttering for months which has resulted in less and less real workspace. 
The top drawer is paint...Couldn't believe how much paint I actually own, once i organized it! Some are trial tubes of colours I experimented with, then abandoned...others I've inherited from artists now deceased...and others are the regular palette that i find myself reaching for again and again.  I've grouped all into shallow boxes of primaries, neutrals and earth colours. 


  1. Hi Sally, hopefully spring cleaning your paints and clearing the decks a bit will help make room for your creative energy to blossom again. My art room is in desperate need of tidying up as every surface is covered with paintings, paints or books at the moment. You have inspired me, but whether or not I act on it is another thing!

  2. Hi Sally,

    It is so satisfying to clean up and put things in order. When that mood hits (not that often) I go with it.

    You are a constant inspiration.

    XO Barbara

  3. thanks Wendy,the studio clean out has given me heaps more room to move, and was so worth it. thanks for your encouragement wishes:)

  4. HI Barbara,
    thanks for your comment, i tried to comment on your post about the handmade market with Kim this morning, but for some reason it wouldn't work. But nice you had a lovely day out, i have the feeling i might be seeing those gorgeous fruit trees in your paintings!


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