Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Rose bed

Last weekend was mothers day, and when Holly and Jeff arrived for a visit they brought me a beautiful potted Mister Lincoln rose! lovely.  I cant tell you how much I love roses, but i haven't had a great deal of success with any in the spots where I have put them before.  I know now that is because they were in places that were either too windy, or too shady.  I have spent the past 4 days since the weekend thinking about where to plant this new rose... then I remembered....

Two years ago my friend Mary came for a visit and we went for a walk around the garden sussing out the best spot for roses to thrive in my garden.  At that time, we determined that the only really good spot (that gets good sun and protected from the wind) was an extension of the current perrennial bed out by the picket fence.  I meant to create a rose bed there last year, but somehow I just never got around to it! 
Then my friend Sylvia told me about how to use newspapers to suffocate the grass, adding layers of mulch, manure and soil to fertilize and create a good base for a new bed.You can read about the method here.  ...Perfect! I have a big pile of manure brought from a visit to a friends farm 2 weeks ago, and heaps of mulch leftover from the fallen tree branches from the last storm.  So I set to work this morning just as the rain began...perfect weather for planting.  Two hours is my new rose bed! Thrive on Mister Lincoln...thrive on! I love painting roses.


  1. What a beautiful Mother's Day gift! Your rose will look lovely against the white picket fence. It looks so cute and cossetted in its special spot that you have so carefully prepared for it.

  2. Oh what a great spot!! I hope it grows up perfect there! Keep us posted on Mr Lincoln. Xoxoxo

  3. I love your post and your fence. That's what I've been dreaming of putting between my neighbour,s property and ours. So lovely. I love roses too. You are a great source of inspiration and information.
    Thanks for this Sally.

    XO Barbara

  4. Hi Wendy, thanks and nice to get your comment:)

  5. Hi Holly,
    Yes it's the only perfect spot really...except the drawback is that it is not closer to the house, but not really a problem.

  6. Hey there Barbara! If you put a picket fence i would buy a plastic wood one...the real wood one needs painting every few years or it's unsightly...and it is a HUGE job to paitn it.


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