Friday, June 27, 2014

abstract #3

Meditation Windows - oil - 20 x 26

Often in guided meditation, I struggle with 'imagining myself on a beach''s like I want to...but I cant quite see the beach, at least not fully... it tantalizes me with snippets of loveliness, but then 'blip' it disappears and I'm back to trying to imagine it again.  I guess it's like that with meditation, you have to work at it a bit to get the full picture.  I guess it becomes easier the more often you do it.  Anyhoo, that's what I was thinking about when I was painting this abstract. 
I love my yoga class on Thursday mornings, it reminds me to slow down, take my time, listen to my heart and my body.


  1. I like those kind of workout classes too. Just following the instructors moves and letting my mind go where it wants to. I think your painting very accurately conveys the feeling of the beach, with the hot sun on the sand, and the splashes of colors, as well as splashes of water droplets sparkling on everything! It's beautiful!

  2. Love this. You will just have to visit me in Nova Scotia one year -- I have walked the beach we love so often, that I can feel both the hard sand where the waves solidify and the soft, spongy sand where you sink in a bit. My bare feet can feel it.
    We're going in August. Come on out!

    Beautiful colour and mood in this.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  3. hmmm i could feel that sand too when you described it. I would love to visit you in NS but the summer is not a good time for us to travel.I hope you have a wonderful trip again this year, i shall look forward to your NS inspirations.
    thanks for the comment about the you know i dont do lots YET but am enjoying plucking away at them now and then.


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