Tuesday, June 3, 2014

dont touch that colour!

 I'm currently working out a method for a commission this week.  I had originally worked it in oils, but unsatisfied with the result, I am now attempting it in watercolour. This time I have a photo supplied by the client to work with and have a much clearer idea of what she's after.  

cardboard covers the untouchables!
One of the things I've been working out is how to paint the warmth without using yellow.  Typically I work with various yellows and reds to achieve this.   The painting will adorn the wall of a room that my client is decorating... yellow in the painting doesn't work in the room.  So, I've spent the morning testing various pigment combinations to come up with some solutions to the ' warmth without yellow' conundrum.  
The truth is, I am employing one little hint of pale yellow; naples yellow, which is very opaque.  As an under-wash I'm hoping it will give warmth to the consecutive washes applied on top of it.
I cut out little squares of cardboard to cover the other colours( lots of yellow tones) on my palette so I dont forget and dip into them!...easy to do when I get into the groove with the process.  The limited palette tones I've chosen for this project are: Scarlet Lake, Quinachridone Magenta, Cobalt Turquoise, Permanent Sap Green and Cobalt Blue.  All are very transparent and make nice greys and taupes when mixed in various combinations. I'll add a touch of Burnt Umber as I near the end to pick out darks.


  1. I always come away from your posts feeling I've learned something new about art. I may not always know what many of the terms mean, but I always feel educated :)

  2. hi Keith,
    What a nice comment, i really enjoyed it... thank you very much! My intention is less to educate than to share my process with other painters. maybe you'll pick up a brush someday Keith? its fun!

  3. I'm impressed with your aptitude Sally - you are a real pro! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  4. thanks WEndy! I figure that as a full time artist I need to commit to the projects I take on,and make them work. If there's a trick I can use to give myself a leg up...I will give it a whirl!


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