Monday, June 16, 2014

summer art shows

I had a great day at Art Among the Ruins! Holly was there to help me all day, and even though the sun stayed behind the clouds all day, the crowds came out and we all enjoyed the show/sale.  Holly sent me this picture of my display(I forgot to take any) and one of the grounds.

Once we got the truck unpacked this weekend, I'm packing it up again this week for the Ottawa art show, so lots of organizing and grunt work going on.  
hmmm....i just heard on the news that "sitting is the new smoking"...yep, guess what it's bad for you... time to increase my activity level... better move off this computer now.


  1. Sounds like it was amazing. That's an incredible display!! Wow. I hope the Ottowa art show goes fantastically :)

  2. Great display Sally! Love the setting! Nice!

  3. thanks Keith for your optimistic existentialist feedback:)

  4. thanks Michael! it was fun but lots of little stuff to pack and unpack. Ottawa will be larger paintings, so easier and faster to load and unload I hope.

  5. Very nice to meet you again Sally,
    your art is gorgeous!

  6. Hi Babi,
    I was very happy to meet you again, and see YOUR lovely work. I hope it was a good day for you at AATR. thanks for introducing yourself!

  7. Wow Sally! You have so many beautiful items on display! Love those teacup bird feeders? Your get up and go is amazing - you are so prolific and you follow through with getting your stuff out there! A true professional!


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