Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Sizzling

 Running the fan helps, but oh it is sizzling in my studio in the afternoon with these over 30 temps outside. It's fine in the mornings until about 1pm, then the back deck with an iced tea is where you'll find me.  I started two 18 x 14 landscapes this morning; here's one ....a work in progress.  
 Happy Canada Day!
our lovely flag in honour of Canada's birthday...Happy Canada Day!


  1. Hello Sally,

    Yes, hot here too and one can only exert any energy in the mornings. Still, lazy summer afternoons sipping ice cold drinks sounds very attractive to us!

    Your work in progress also has a sense of heat about it. The golden colours and fiery reds really do make it hot. This is definitely reflective of the landscape in Hungary too where before too much longer we shall yearn for the fresh green of spring.

  2. Hope it cools down some for you Sally. Happy Canada Day!!!

  3. Hi Jane and Lance, so lovely to have your note! I so enjoyed seeing the exquisite taste of your friend Michael's house through your photos taken at the party, how dreamy! loved his gorgeous green silk lounge...quite out of the ordinary!

  4. Thank you Keith! We will enjoy it and celebrate our day relaxing.

  5. Love your work in progress Sally!
    Also love your Canadian flag!
    Happy Canada Day! Also our wedding anniversary!
    Your South Of The Border Buddy!

  6. Happy Canada Day a day late, and I love your beginning. For most artists this would be a happy finished product.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  7. thanks Michael, thought a 'sky' one was about due. Great day for a wedding should come to Canada to celebrate one year...the whole country would celebrate with you! hee hee hope you have a great July 4th.

  8. Thanks Barbara...I like to begin a few at a time so I have unfinished works hanging around the studio, ready to dive right in when the mood strikes. Hope you had a happy Canada day weekend. xo


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