Friday, October 26, 2012

One of my Favourite Things

Glorious, glorious, Autumn!  It is definately one of my favourite things, not only because of it's gorgeousness, but also it is the time of year of my birthday, and the crunch of the crisp leaves under my feet brings back floods of happy memories.  This year has been particularily spectacular for autumn tree foliage due to the warm days and cool nights we've had for 2 months.  Just this evening, Barbara Muir and I were chatting about that on the we have been noticing the carpet of golden leaves under most of the trees and how when the light hits them they appear to sparkle like diamonds set in gold. 
Tomorrow I am heading to Stowe, for a week to paint and to relax with 2 of my good friends, AEmilia Jarvis, and Sherry Pringle.  Unfortunately there might not be much plein air painting happening, due to the torrential rains that are forcast for the entire week, but hey I'm not complaining.  I like doing interiors and still lifes too, and hey I'll be in Vermont !  AEmilia has invited us both as her guests at her time share cabin at the Trapp Family Resort. ...yes that's the very same Von Trapp family singers from the Sound of Music!! Cool huh?  I simply cant wait!
Autumn 'mums' in the little village of Westport

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

County Wine Tour # 2 , oil painting

 County Wine Tour # 2
oil on canvas
24" x 24"
Here's the second painting inspired by our Prince Edward County wine tour in September. It was fun just letting go of the original design and going with what felt good. I had to go get a bottle of wine and bring it up to the studio and pour a glass of it so I would have a model for the forground.  Ya you guessed it, i started drinking it while I was painting...sort of added to the mood.  ha ha. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

More from Halifax SCA show and afterparty

me and Joy Laking at the Old Triangle pub
I received some new pictures taken by Jacqueline Steudler, of the Society Canadian Artists show and thought I'd share a few.  The show is still on at the Halifax Club, in Halifax NS until the end of December. It's a good show, and I'm honoured to 'hang' with such a fine group of artists.
SCA members and guests gather at the Old Triangle for a pint and a meal after the show

me and Rachel, oogling the art

paintings paintings everywhere

all gathered in the main room for the speeches

art on the centre staircase

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Getting into the mood

I'm not there quite yet with this one, but I'm getting into the mood of what I want to say.  This painting is one of two I started after a wine tour of Prince Edward County.  It has gone through a lot of changes, as I was having trouble saying what i wanted to...but today after much re-thinking I made some bold decisions and now I feel I am getting there.  I'll post again when I finish.  Gotta run now.  My shift at the RLAA art show starts in 40 minutes! yikes... better get my butt in gear. ha ha

Friday, October 19, 2012

RLAA - October Art Show and Sale - Oct 20, 21

Rain or shine, I'll be at the North Crosby Community Centre this weekend.  I'll be participating in the  

Rideau Lakes Artist Association October Art Show and Sale

date:  Oct 20th Oct 21st.

hours:  Saturday 10 - 5pm and Sunday 12-4pm


location:   875, 8th Concession, North Crosby, ON.  It's just outside of the village of Westport, off of county Rd# 10- (Perth Rd.)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sail One and Sail Two

I've been working out some ideas for a larger painting -  a commission for a client.  I'm really excited about doing it because in this case there isn't any stipulations, except the subject itself, which is the client's lakeview.  I've been encouraged by the client tohave complete freedom and "have fun with it".  She's open to lots of colour and to a playful mood, so I've been doing a few small scale sketches, prepping some ideas...the results below.  I shall call them Sail One and Sail Two.  
Each is 6x8 inch and is oil on panel.

Off to Toronto tomorrow... art visits extrodinaire.  

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday gallery hopping

There's a fabulous  show of collages by Rebecca Cowan on at the Verb gallery in downtown Kingston right now. The Verb gallery is in the Wayfarer book store on Princess Street, at the very back of the store.  It is a delightfully bright small gallery space, perfect for a solo show of small works.  I saw it today.  I was so moved by one of the pieces in particular; a folding art book called the Chroma-do Chronicles, which couragously recounts the artists harrowing experience of brain tumour. I think the show runs until the end of October. If you can go you will be glad you did. Rebecca's work has always fascinated me, with her great eye for quirky yet sincere imagery. 
Between 2-4pm this afternoon, the Academy Gallery in Bath re-opened it's doors, with a group show opening reception. Artist and owner Janice Teare (in the black dress) showed her own body of new abstract works alongside the works of 4 other abstract artists.   The Academy gallery is really a lovely space for a show.  It used to be a school; as a matter of fact there was a gentleman at the opening today who had attended the school in his youth.  He could remember most of the teachers classrooms and even the hall area where he said he got the strap!  maybe he was only kidding...but maybe not.  Even i remember school-days when the strap was commonplace for mis-behaving children.  My own brother got it once for throwing snowballs.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

WELCOME ! County vineyards, oil paintings, Rome

Welcome!  That's for anybody coming here for the first time.  If you've visited my blog before you might notice that it has a bit of a new look.  That's because I've switched blog platforms.  Various reasons; but ultimately I'm hoping that I'll have a bit more functionality with this blog. 
Above on the left is the progress on the painting I've been working on today.  It's slower going than the previous one of the same theme. At the moment i need to let it dry,  I want to lighten the value of the shadow, but cant yet; maybe tomorrow. Patience, right?
...that's what this artist  (left) had in spades.  We came across her studio while we were meandering on back streets in Rome.  She specialized in restoring statues, mosaics, paintings and other antiquities.  I was fascinated.
 The Piazza Navona(below right), is full of artists, sort of like Paris's Montmatre. I love the fountains in Navona square...all green / blue and sparkling water gushing from massive white marble statuary.  The fountain of the 4 rivers is my favourite.

Rome is beauty, beauty everywhere you look. Even the mediterranean pine trees which dot the landscape seem to be planned by nature as perfect forms to compliment its architechture.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wine Tour, oil painting, Prince Edward County Taste Trail

County Wine Tour
oil on canvas
24" x 24"

Prince Edward County is a wonderful place for wine tours.  We have been on several of them, and still haven't discovered all of the wineries that are situated there.  I get inspired to paint everytime I go there.