Saturday, May 30, 2015

figurative expression workshop

magazine photography provides
dynamic gesture resource material
I'm taking a weekend workshop with artist Donna Lynd from Ottawa.  She is primarily a figurative expressionist painter.  But she's also a gifted and generous teacher.  It felt great to be painting again! Working in acrylics is an approach that I haven't utilized much, so it's also fun being on a learning curve with that.

Other things on the home-front are keeping me from my usual painting practice in the past few weeks.  Let us just say, consequently when I do have some time to paint, I've been feeling completely out of ideas...blocked! not a good feeling.  I know this happens to us all and I also know it passes, so I've tried to embrace the temporary lull in creativity.

Less dynamic gestures but more personal
resource material in old family photos

Anyway all I can say is this workshop has been just what the doc ordered, something different and challenging. 

Here's the two unfinished works in progress that I've been working on today on the easel in the classroom. Donna's structural approach, simplifying the compostion to just 11 interesting shapes, I find quite fun. 
In the first image I'm working from a black and white magazine photo(you can see the image taped under the easel).  The second one, I'm working from an old black & white family photo (yours truly in the yellow cardi). I'm less happy with it's composition, but I hope to play to resolve it.  More fun tomorrow!

Monday, May 18, 2015

AHOY there! It's spring art show time!

Sat, Sun. May 23-24, 10am-4pm
Lower Brewers Locks
ART SHOW at Doner Studio

Looking for a pleasant weekend of nature and art? Look no further! You're invited to a fab spring art show at the old mill at Lower Brewers Locks, on the grounds of Doner Studio.(I'm inviting you!) I guarantee you will enjoy strolling this park-like setting in the gardens by the river, browsing works by over 25 local artists and artisans.  The setting is just lovely.  There is a food truck on site, and it's FREE ADMISSION!  Hurray!! Doesn't everybody love free?  Come see us, and enjoy a day out in the country.  See the map below for directions. 
This is the way to Doner Studio... see you there!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Working on my own little 'Eden'

"Working on my own little Eden".  This is a previous newsletter I sent out from my website in January, and thought it might be fun to post it again to my blog. Even though the paintings are a re-post, the thoughts about 'age' are the same.  It doesn't matter.
Painters who lived long
Painters who lived long

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Peony Pair

Peony Pair - oil on wood - 5x5 inch each
I was simply gobsmacked at the flower markets in France.  Peonies piled high on top of one another, their tight rounded heads waiting for a tiny bit of warmth and sunlight to unfold.  I was amazed at how many.  Do they really sell this many cut flowers ?? 
Peonies at the market in St. Germaine en Lays
The answer is yes. The French buy flowers for everything; a staple on the market shopping list.  They are needed for love, for decor, for gracing tables of kitchens, dining rooms, parlours and courtyards.  They say 'Welcome!', 'I love you!', 'I'm sorry' and 'Just because'.  Peonies are so classic, so timeless.
I have some in my garden in various shades of pink, white & yellow. During the month of May, they grow about 1 inch a day, until June is festooned with their gorgeousness. If I bring them inside, they always need a dowsing in the sink to get the ants off of them.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gallery Change Ups

On the Patio - 30x30
click here to purchase
A mention that my own Gallery at the Porch Door is opening TODAY for the season.  I'll be open Wed-Fri afternoons 1-5PM from May thru August, and by appointment anytime.  Today there is cupcakes and ice tea for gallery visitors! yum.

Other galleries I am with are blowing off the past winter and getting ready for spring and summer by changing up exhibits and displays, so I've been scurrying around delivering new works to them this week.  Kingston galleries seem to prefer my Kingston themed works(surprise, surprise); and I've been lucky to have a fairly steady trickle of sales with them. I do need to get down to Prince Edward County and do a change up with Side Street Gallery, but will perhaps schedule that in the next couple of weeks.
Kingston Frameworks will be showing 2 of my oils and 4 watercolours for their Art After Dark exhibit on Friday May 22.  Kingston Glass Studio & Gallery will have 5 new pieces.  Koru has prints, cards and my hand painted textiles.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

hand stretched linen

I've been working on these tulips and freesia's on a linen canvas that I stretched and gesso'd myself.  The tooth is much coarser than the ones I buy, so I thought it might be a bit of a challenge to work on, sucking the paint in and all, but actually it surprised me.  It was springy and resilient.  It is a non standard size (18 1/2 x 18 1/2")...hubby built the stretcher frame. 
I am normally a pretty lazy artist; I cant be bothered to stretch my own canvas's on a regular basis.  It takes quite a bit of wrist strength, which I am sorely lacking.  I suppose it's a cheaper alternative, but the time involved has to be considered too.  And I'd rather be painting.
These tulips and freesias were fresh last week when I began, but this evening when I went back to it, they were really starting to wane.
Here's Holly and I on Friday night...celebrating our weekend.