Sunday, June 30, 2013

Trading Pieces

I have admired the works of JT Winik for years.  She's a painter living in Kingston, though she travels a lot, living for a time each year in Spain, the Netherlands or Mexico.   Her work is mostly figurative, sensitive, moody, and often has an intangible dreamlike quality.  When I used to work at the frame shop, I would love it when a client would brought in one of her works for framing, so I could have the chance to enjoy her painting up close; see the brushwork, the surface textures...all the stuff us artists are so interested in. 
SO... you can imagine my complete and utter surprise;  how over the moon I was when recently she contacted me, and asked if I would consider an artists trade for one of MY paintings!! Well, um...let me think... YES!! 
We did the switcheroo yesterday...and how good did that feel?  Well we both commented and said that it felt like Xmas on the Canada Day weekend! 
'The Woman in Red' now resides on the wall in my living room right next to my great grandfathers paintings which I inherited, and cherish so much.  She looks like she belongs there, doesn't she?  Her presence speaks to me of innocence and  a child like inner beauty.

My painting, 'Morning Rush' now hangs on  JoAnna's wall where she "can look at it each morning upon awakening and each night before sleep". 

It's quite wonderful to be able to make each other happy just by the act of painting and sharing it, isn't it?

Friday, June 28, 2013

art lovers soiree

  Thursday night was an opening reception for two new exhibitions at the AEAC.  A great activity for a sultry summer evening, I headed on down to join in the soiree... I wasn't disappointed.
One of the exhibitions was Shayne Dark's new sculptural exhibit: Critical Mass. That's Shayne in the suit in front of the red root sculptures.  I absolutely love this artists powerful pieces formed from nature;  re-imagined.  They create a sense of wonder   A hanging sculpture created from a multitude of apple bores brought to mind some sort of an organic pile of heart muscles, sculls, cow can only's that quality of seeing new things as you look at it that makes it amazing. 
The other exhibition, 'Deja, Deja, Visitee' featured  paintings, knitted landscapes, and a video installation. Mike Bayne, Jocelyn Purdie and Maayke Schurer were featured artists.  Whoops, sorry I didn't get any pictures of that exhibition!... but the works were really interesting. 
A great night out with Kingston's art enthusiasts!

Monday, June 24, 2013

more minis

I began listening to a new audio book, Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova, yesterday while painting some tiny seascapes. It's about a psychiatrist who is a painter; so far it's quite good, though I've only listened to the first disc.  Usually I can tell after about 1/2 hour of listening whether or not it's for happy to say, I'll be sticking with this one.
I really enjoy painting these blocks, moving from themes of beach houses, farmyards, the sea.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Pub Nights - The Ports

Summer Pub Nights - The Ports
One of Kingston's old style pubs is The Portsmouth Tavern, better known as 'The Ports' to local's.  At the corner of Yonge and Grange streets in Portsmouth village, across from Portsmouth Olympic harbour, it's been standing since the late 1860's.  The history was part of the lure of painting this old pub; but mostly, I was interested in the play of light combined with the atmosphere of happy relaxation on a summers evening. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Time to Paint

Holly and I had a great day at Art Among the Ruins! As the forecast predicted the sun shone the entire day and it brought out the crowds, which was just great because honestly there's not much point in having an art show without attendance.  Of course the grounds of the property at the AATR are a spectacular setting for the show; heaps of room to wander around enjoying the babbling brooks and the beautiful flora while meandering around the artist booth circuit.  I will definately do this show again next year, it was just so much fun!

Last week I finally got around to organizing my schedule for the fall which will include offering some painting classes again. I figured Thursdays would be a good day for me to commit to it, so I've created two sessions (one morning and one afternoon)of 6 week classes starting Thursday September 19th. Click here for info.  While I was at Art Among the Ruins I decided to bring some flyers with me in case anybody asked me about classes, and wow did I get a big response! 

One more thing...totally unrelated to my's about the birds. This year we have one dove and one robin who have built nests under the awning on the deck. I'm not crazy about them nesting so close to our common area, however with all the rain this spring i suppose they are looking for a dry place, so cant blame them.  Today while I was on the computer I heard a tap and turned around to look out the back door, and a sparrow has taken to perching on the screen door handle, preening himself in front of the glass on the door. I snapped this picture of him/her.  He's been back several times today over and over.It would be cute except he takes a crap each time he comes! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Art Among the Ruins on a sunny Saturday June 15

This weekend is Art Among the Ruins!  It's my first year at this wonderful one day art show set in lovely grounds of an old mill by the river in the village of Newburgh Ontario.  Saturday is forecast to be sunny again, so I feel super lucky as it's the second weekend in a row after rain.  If you are looking for a artsy day out, come to Newburgh at Art Among the Ruins.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Contemporary Landscapes opens Thursday June 13th 7-9pm

This Thursday evening, 7-9pm is the opening reception for the Contemporary Landscapes exhibition at Agnes Etherington Art Rental & Sales Gallery! I am one of the 10 artists in the show...and i think they will be showing about 8 of my pieces. The show will be hung in the Atrium of the AEAC from June 13-16. It's a lovely space and I cant wait to see all the other works that fellow artists have brought in specifically for this show.  Hope to see you there.

Monday, June 10, 2013

non representation

Being tired but wanting to paint isn't a great combination, but there is something very therapeutic about pushing paint around on a big canvas.  This afternoon I did just that. starting on a red primed 30x40  canvas...just letting it flow...the paint, the canvas and me...o ya and some brushes and a palette knife.  I really needed a session like this today; really enjoyable.  I limited my palette to yellow ochre, french ultra deep and solid madder deep + white. I liked the mid-tone range of colours with these 3.  I like to try out paints that are in my drawer that have migrated there somehow... these ones were some that had come to me as freebies, either from an artist who had passed on or switched mediums and wasn't using them anymore.  Oil paint lasts a really long time before the tubes dry up.  I was thinking about  shapes and movement alot while painting it.

sunny skies

Here's me at the OSCA Windsor Park Art show today. It was a fun day, great weather, cant complain! I ran into a few familiar faces there whom I hadn't seen in a long time, so that was lovely!  The only bummer was i lost my glasses as I was packing up for the day! They must have fallen off of me, hooked in my neckline...Looked everywhere for them, but to no avail! Drove home from Ottawa squinting most of the way! I was glad it was still light out for driving. I shall have to go see about getting a new prescription filled tomorrow for another pair. dam.  

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ottawa Art Show in Windsor Park - Sunday June 9th

So it's off to Ottawa today, to take part in the Windsor Park(old Ottawa South) art show on Sunday June 9th.  I'm bringing lots of small paintings + 2 larger ones, other items from my gallery like the folk art, bracelets, handmade sewn items. 
Sally & AEmilia, Havana, Cuba 2009
My pal AEmilia told me about this community art show in her neighbour-hood.  She's offered to hang out with me for the day and help me, so that will be fun!
The best part is the weather forecast is predicting sunshine, awesome after the rain this week!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Pub Nights - Merchant

Summer Pub Nights - Merchant
oil on canvas 14" x 18"
I tweaked this painting recently.  Took out the foreground figures, aligned the barrels and solidified the tree shapes. I'm much happier with it now. 
It's funny how the idea can get lost in the details you put in...for example what moved me to paint this scene was "the atmosphere of celebration a weekend summer evening brings combined with our historic architecture".  I joyfully painted what i thought was my original idea; added to the merriment by painting in a young duo in front of the fence heading into the entrance, under the limbs of an extremely(for me) fussily described tree.  After I was done I was mildly satisfied, and posted it on the blog(to lots of nice comments i might add!)...but as it sat on the wall of my studio for  a month, i viewed it knowing that it was not saying what i had least not in the way that i had intended...the idea was getting lost in the details!   It now seemed to be about the young couples choice of entering the establishment and not about the atmosphere.  It took me a month to realize that was the core of the unsatisfactory feeling I was getting from the painting.  Boy o boy... if there is one thing I've learned it's always worth it to take a risk in an effort to get the painting to voice my intentions...otherwise there seems (to me)no point in painting it.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Computer woes

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...just stuck with a frozen computer.  I've been having problems with it for a couple of weeks, but this past week it really went down.  hopefully next week i'll be back online the's just amazing the amount of stuff i actually get done in a day when i dont spend any time on a computer! Last week one day i marvelled at this when i was driving BACK from the shops at 10:30 am having completed my morning workout, chores, and errands ! Wow usually i think i have no time in a day...but really i know that i burn valuable time 'plugged in'. it's funny how life was also good back when there was no computers. we think we cant do without them...but really it's probably good to be reminded of the natural order of the way life is.