Wednesday, July 22, 2015

art theft and scams

work in progress - oil on wood
Today I found out about a website that steals art images from galleries and artists blogs and websites and offers them for sale as posters.  Even found several of my painting images on there.  Very aggravating, and must be illegal, but it's a reality in this age of the world wide web.  Lots of lurkers out to make a buck any way they can.  What can artists do?  I suppose watermarking images might prevent image theft, but I've never bothered with it.  The thieves are a website called  I did sign a petition  to try and get it shut down.  Please do the same by clicking here.

About 2 months ago I almost was hooked by another art scam.  This one was out of Ottawa, and sounded legitimate to me...donate a painting for a fundraiser for colon cancer by Ottawa hospitals.  All sorts of info was provided, who would attend the fundraiser, how to package the art, where to drop it off, etc etc.    I had my donation all wrapped up and ready to take with me on my weekend trip to visit Holly in Ottawa.  Then I started actually clicking the links provided to the fundraising website, and other various links.  They didn't work!  I finally clued in!  I got in touch with the contact person... I had been corresponding with a scam artist all along! All sorts of lame excuses were given as to why the links didn't work, I was assured the site would be up and running very soon, but "please bring the painting donation to this storage unit at this time and place, yadda yadda yadda" guessed it...the contact person wouldn't be there when I arrived but there would be someone on duty at the storage units to accept the donated painting!!!  I was really bowled over because I didn't think that I could be scammed.  Thank goodness that I caught on before I actually dropped off and donated my painting!! Ask Holly, it really BUGGED me.  I was pretty consumed with the idea of almost being swindled for the rest of the weekend I was ticked off about it!

Had some painting time this afternoon, and worked on another abstract. Here's how its progressing.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Escape Route

Escape Route - oil on canvas
18x24 inch $600
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I'm enjoying working on abstract paintings with oil paints and pastels.  It seems the only thing at the moment that holds my focus long enough to get any kind of flow going.  I like the freedom and the intuitiveness while working on them.  It seems to quench something down deep in me.  At this time when things are a little 'up in the air' in our life, it's just what I want to do.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July morning

My garden is thriving despite my neglect.  Yesterday I cut my first Mr. Lincoln rose bloom for the table, a gigantic scarlet red bloom at least 5 inches across! Two of my rose plants have been decimated by some sort of insect, but 4 of them are still thriving away.
It took me most of the day to unload my art and supplies which I had left in the truck overnight on Sunday after I got back from the Art in the Barn show in Smiths Falls.  It was a good feeling to get it all completed yesterday, change up the porch gallery space again, knowing now I can settle in for the rest of the summer.  Well ...that is unless the house sells quickly; I hear we had a very busy open house on Sunday! 
Meanwhile I'll be enjoying this summertime weather, and getting back into the studio again. yay.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Stumped and Art in the Barn

work in progress
I have this painting in progress waiting in my studio.  I began it with great enthusiasm working from a photo resource I had of a French flower market.  Soon the painting became very strong in value, much darker mood than I had initially wanted; it didn't have the light airy feeling I yearned for, the way the subject made me feel.  How does one paint a feeling? At this point, I put the photo away and let my intuition take me on a journey to find it.  That part was fun, I was able to get rid of the dark mood, and find the light airyness I was after, but I haven't wholly resolved it.  I feel a creeping sense of the dreaded 'sentimentalism'  beginning to appear...o dear.... THAT'S NOT what I'm after!
I stopped working at this point because I don't want to continue on THAT journey.   I'm still stumped.  I wont abandon it entirely, there's something I like in it...ha ha ha...any ideas? I mean it's been almost a month!! Call me impatient, but I'm at a loss.
Meanwhile, this weekend I'm at ART IN THE BARN which takes place near Smiths Falls.  Over 50 artists from RLAA will present a varied member's show.  Stop by if you're in the vicinity, would love to see you there!
It's my last art show of the summer.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Poetry Chicks

acrylic on wood - 6x6 inch
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acrylic on wood - 6x6 inch
Our house goes on the market next week.  First baby step towards retirement. A bag of mixed feelings. We have loved this place, so many happy memories.  But, it's time.  Memories shouldn't become more important than our dreams. We are excited about our 5 year plan to move out to Vancouver Island.  And so the downsizing begins. With lots on my agenda in readying the house for sale, I haven't had energy or inspiration for big works.  I've been satisfying my creative muse with some small acrylic poetry chicks. hee hee.  Here's two.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Oh Canada! Happy Canada Day

Tulip Festival - oil on panel - 9 x 12
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Happy Canada Day Everybody!  This is the first rainy Canada Day that I can remember.  Usually it is spectacular weather on July 1st...but then it's been a bit of a weird year as far as weather goes generally.  
The tulip festival in Ottawa is an inspiration for me whenever I go, especially early in the morning before all the tourists arrive, and it's difficult to actually see the beds.  This oil on panel study is a springboard for larger works.