Sunday, August 28, 2016

Solo Show at James Brett Coiffure

show card for my exhibition at James Brett Coiffure
Tomorrow I hang my solo show at James Brett Coiffure.  There is 22 paintings in the exhibition in all.  A fair number of them are new works that have not been on display anywhere before(except my studio), so it's kind of like an unveiling in a way for many of them.  August snuck up on me; when I woke up this morning it popped into my head that tomorrow is the 29th.  A significant date for me in every way, because that is Jane's birthday...but also this year it is the date that was arranged for me to hang my show at the salon.  
I'm delighted to have 2 whole months to display the paintings here.  It is a beautiful large salon with lots of natural light.  I cant think of a better way for folks to enjoy the artwork, as they get pampered with a new 'do' or spa treatment.  Thank you James Brett Coiffure!  The show runs Aug 29 - Nov 7, 2016.  Pop in and enjoy a little bit of luxury while viewing my artwork.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Surprise Visitor

The thing I miss the most about running my little summer porch gallery is surprise visitors from customers.  But yesterday, the stars aligned... after a busy morning of driving around and completing errands in Westport and downtown Kingston, I arrived home just in time for a surprise visit from a new friend and loyal customer.  
She was in the area and was curious to see what I had in my gallery as they had bought a cottage and she wanted some of my art to decorate.  I didn't open my Gallery at the Porch Door officially this year, as we are selling our house, but unofficially it is still set up for anyone that wants to see my recent work.  

What a joy for me then, when someone loves my art enough to make time to stop in and see whats fresh off the easel.  It made me just so darn happy!...not only because I sold these two paintings, but because it's so wonderful to connect.  Yay!... for surprise visitors.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Saturday Morning, Toy Store

Saturday Morning, Toy Store
oil on panel, 9 x 12
yours truly
Two weeks ago was Princess Street Promenade in downtown Kingston. Traffic is blockaded on the main shopping street, and foot traffic takes over.  Shops have special displays and activities; all in all, it's a rather festive atmosphere.
As a novelty, I was asked if I would paint 'en plein air' in front of Kingston Frameworks for a few hours. I was happy to oblige.  They had set up a tent for me so I didn't have to sit in the broiling sun; nice because Ontario has been HOT HOT HOT this summer!
'Billise' supply the tunes
Live music kicked off near me on the sidewalk by the wonderful Billise (Elise & Bill Bosworth). The joyful tunes really got me in the mood and before long, my brush was swinging to the tunes too.

The view of the toy shop across the street caught my attention...on the sidewalk children participated in activities in front of the toy store, I think they even served a children's breakfast.  I wasn't the least bit surprised to spy several 'Elsa's' from the movie Frozen among them:)  The festive atmosphere and primary colours were fun to do in this genre scene. "What is genre?"  - ordinary people doing ordinary things