Sunday, April 28, 2013


Worked on a few small ones last week while away in Florida, though i must confess to being pretty lazy the majority of the time:) ... I did find plenty of inspiration for my beach blocks series... I love the colour combos and holiday feel of beachside dwellings. Check out the pink chimney to match this cute one.

On morning and evening walks around the village, noticed the gorgeous tropical floral scents in the air.  



  1. How lovely Sally. I'm so glad you had fun. The one on the beach is bringing back strong memories of my teenage visits to Florida. Love that sand.

    XO Barbara

  2. hi Barbara,
    thanks for your comment...glad i could trigger some teenage memories...i havn't had much computer access while away in case you wondered if I dropped off the face of the earth...ha! sorry to hear you have been so sick. see you soon:)

  3. Hi Sally, Love your paintings and the photo of the cute beach cottage. Sounds like you had a lovely holiday!

  4. Hey WEndy, the holiday was JUST what we needed, but now its back to reality and the spring is here so that is a blessing! yay gardening!


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