Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mini Reproductions, Art shows, and the winners of the Classic

These are 4 x 4 inch blocks with mounted mini-reproductions of some of my artwork.  I propped them up in the sunshine here near a window sill, but i will take better pictures for etsy sales.  I like the presentation better than offering them in cello bags. Each one is centred and mounted on a sanded, gessoed wood block, then finished with a protecting coat. The titles of each one is onthe back. They're finished with a small saw-tooth hanger. I will offer them for sale in my gallery when i open it in May(not long now!) and they will come with me to some summer art fete's. 
I will be at Windsor park in Ottawa south for a one day arts and crafts show on Sunday June 9th.  I will also be at Art Among the Ruins this year on Saturday June 15th.  In July I will also be participating in Fantasy in the Forest, which is a fun weekend show taking place on July 20, 21st near Perth Road Village.
Two more piccys from the Easter Classic below; me throwing  a bolo, and here's the champions this year, brother and sister team Jeff and Lori, a.k.a: Betty's Angels



  1. Mini-reproductions. What an awesome and creative idea!! I have a friend who would really find this interesting. I will email it to her if that's ok!

  2. Your minis look great~ And what a great time Easter was! Xo


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