Wednesday, April 10, 2013

summer pub

Worked on this painting again this afternoon.  Even though it was raining outside today, i had the windows in the studio open and was listening to the birds singing while I painted. Lovely. I guess they're happy for rain and not snow.  Me too...although they are forcasting a winter storm warning for the Ottawa region for Friday.  bah humbug.  I hope our flight isn't delayed.  Our holiday to Florida starts Friday, and we're meant to be flying from Ottawa.  fingers crossed.  I am so looking forward to sunshine!


  1. Sally I love this painting! You have captured a great atmosphere and also the light is beautiful.
    How exciting to be visiting Florida - I hope you get lots of sunshine. I guess it's a bit early for beach weather there?

  2. Hi Sally,

    I love the light in this so much. Have a wonderful time in Florida. I used to fly there on a company plane to visit my boyfriend's family in high school. I loved it. (all of it.)

    So glad you get to go.

    XO Barbara

  3. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks, i was most interested in the light in it. I'm hoping for beach weather in Florida, there temps are much warmer than where we live, so my fingers are crossed.

  4. Hi Barbara,
    Yes it was the light casting it's beams upwards and downwards which made me want to give it a try. Probably i'll want to paint palm trees and the sea when i'm in Florida. I'm taking a tiny painting set, and hope to do a bit.

  5. This painting is gorgeous!!! Wow, the ladies are right...the you have captured the light perfectly!! Will you be showing this to the local pub? Im sure they would be floored with your work!

  6. What a wonderful painting Sally!! I wish I could transport myself into it :)

  7. Sally!
    The best light ever! Plus wonderful colors! I feel as if I am right there!
    One of my favorites!
    Bravo my friend!

  8. Hi Holly!
    Thanks for your wonderful comment. Can't wait to see you down here in New Smyrna, it's the best!

  9. Hi Keith,
    So glad for your delightful response to my painting, thank you!

  10. Hi Michael,
    It was a fun challenge working in those twilight light conditions, totally changes the local colours of most of the forms...thanks for your enthusiastic response it's so heartwarming.


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