Saturday, April 6, 2013

summer pub evenings

Back in the studio this week, I'm feeling like painting Kingston old pub or two...these are some of my fav's in Kingston. Last summer in the evening I took some photos. I've been wanting to paint them ever since...something about the atmosphere... a feeling of pleasant anticipation...friends meeting up, sharing stories, a pint , possibly a musical evening...
I started one painting yesterday, but still working out the design of it. This will change drastically before I'm satisfied.  I hope to post progress as I go. 
Dave and I dont go to pubs much anymore, mostly because we live in the country, the drive to town and back is a deterrant. The Merchant is one of the pubs we enjoy. It's an oldie.  When i was a student in Kingston, i used to sometimes go with my friends to the Portsmouth Tavern, it's been the heart of Portsmouth village for many years too.  A sense of history surrounds you in both places.


  1. oh, sally, you brought a smile to my face and a leap in my heart when i saw the ports. isn't it strange. i see it many times a day, but seeing it here on your sight felt so special. i'd love to see your painting of it!!!
    we were married on our back porch with just family, and then told all our friends to meet us at the ports afterwards. we wandered up in our wedding clothes and packed the place until close.

  2. hi Annette,
    really lovely to hear your memories of the Ports and your wedding day! thank you for sharing it. Pubs hold such a variety of human stories within their walls similar to your own; ...if the walls could speak!
    I hope to do the Ports justice:)

  3. Hi Sally,

    What a lovely idea. Thanks for the heads up. I deleted your older blog address on blogspot, and put in the new one, and now you do appear in my roll. Thank goodness, because I love your posts.

    XO Barbara

  4. Good morning Barbara! Nice that i'm back in your world:)

  5. Pubs sure were fun to visit, still can be on occasion too, sounds like a great one near you.

  6. Hi Sally, I enjoyed seeing the various water holes in your neighbourhood. Your painting looks good so far. will look forward to seeing the finished product.

  7. Hi Pat,
    These two pubs are old dames here in Kingston. You can be sure of a good time in either one.

  8. Hi WEndy, thanks for your encouragement, I decided in the end to change direction with my pub much so that i began again! i should learn not to post before i finish something...but i figure it is sometimes interesting to see the process...even if that includes rethinks!


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