Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Opening the Gallery at the Porch Door for the season!

 It's that time again...time to open up the Gallery at the Porch Door! Woohoo!  It's my third season of business and once again I'm looking forward to greeting the spring/summer visitors who will grace my porch this year.  The past 2 days have been pretty hectic; I stopped by a gallery yesterday morning that was showing some of my recent works; I decided I want to show it in my porch this summer, so asked to make a switchermaroo with them. I was happy to find out they were totally fine with the short notice, and so flexible too. Win, win. They got a fresh change on their walls, and I got my recent work back for my gallery.  
If you're in my neighbourhood, please stop in and have a peek...I'm open Wed- Fri 1-5pm and weekends by chance throughout the spring summer until the end of August.


  1. Hi Sally, I just checked out your Gallery at the Porch Door blog to see more of your photos. Your gallery is looking fantastic! Not only do you have a talent for painting but you also have a talent for decorating interiors!
    I hope you get lots of visitors!

  2. Morning Wendy! Thank you for your encouragement in the decorating department...it is something that i love to do...when i worked at the frame shop a few years ago it was my favourite thing, arranging the displays and the artwork...so now i get to do it on a small scale in my own gallery space. It's fun, though i can get ridiculously persnickety about placement; sometimes i drive myself mad. ha ha ha. wish you could pop in too!

  3. Hi Sally,

    Wendy is so right. Can't wait to see you again at the gallery. Yay! Year three is going to be fabulous.

    XO Barbara


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