Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The abundance of spring fundraisers

It's that time of year...seems spring is the season for fundraisers!  I do get my fair share of requests for donations of artwork to help good causes.  After participating in creating a door to auction for a cancer support club last month, I have had three more requests, all within a week.  I chose one of the three, and have decided to pass on the other two.  This is the painting I chose to donate for the auction at a spring ball for Juvenile Diabetes. 
Window Seat on the Water - acrylic, 18 x 18"

While all of the causes are good ones, juvenile diabetes has special significance for me as my close friend's daughter was diagnosed with diabetes when she was about 8, and I'm well aware of what a challenge it is for people dealing with the disease.

Today in my studio I completely changed the pub painting that I started a few days ago. I kind of knew I would change it, after I could see it was heading in the wrong direction.  This is where we are today...quite different.
The one in the background hanging above the shelf is the block in for the Merchant;the evening light on the stone building is the main event.  The one on the easel is the Ports and i'm painting it over an orange ground.  I want the summer evening light to be the purpose for it too.  I'm planning to put figures in both of them, to keep them from looking like haunted houses...I'll post when done.


  1. You are a good heart. Lovely painting and a great cause. Love the two cityscapes you're working on. They are already just beautiful.

    XO Barbara

  2. Hi Sally,You are very generous and I'm sure who ever ends up with your beautiful window seat painting will be thrilled. I love the softness of it. The progress on your pub is looking great too.

  3. Hi Wendy,
    Nice to contribute in my own way. Thanks!


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