Tuesday, December 11, 2012

art shows

The Fine Tuners played at the SCA Halifax exhibition opening reception, I really enjoyed their lively music. I must confess nearly every time i hear fiddle music it makes me want to do a little clog, jig, or reel. ( in private of course, because i really dont know the steps!)  Nova Scotia is in my blood, I was born there. I think that leprachaun is in the blood of the fiddler from The Fine Tuners.  They were nice lads, and chatted to us after they played.

I will be starting off the new year showing some of my works at the Mill Street Gallery and Cafe in Sydenham. I'm looking forward to hanging the pieces Dec 29.  The show will run for a few months, I think until end of February.   I will be one of 3 artists showing work there for a few months.  The others are Frankie LeMonde-Meunier(fibre art) and Vera Donefer(abstract works).  The Mill Street Gallery Cafe is showing original works on a regular rotating basis.  I for one love to see original works on the walls of cafes and restaurants when I'm enjoying a meal.  Hooray!... for the Mill Street Gallery Cafe.


  1. Love reading what you've been up to! Awesome blog :)

  2. oh Hi Lori!! So glad to have you leave a comment for me...makes me feel like I got mail:) Looks like you had a wonderful time in California, even tho a tad rainy. lovely.


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