Saturday, May 30, 2015

figurative expression workshop

magazine photography provides
dynamic gesture resource material
I'm taking a weekend workshop with artist Donna Lynd from Ottawa.  She is primarily a figurative expressionist painter.  But she's also a gifted and generous teacher.  It felt great to be painting again! Working in acrylics is an approach that I haven't utilized much, so it's also fun being on a learning curve with that.

Other things on the home-front are keeping me from my usual painting practice in the past few weeks.  Let us just say, consequently when I do have some time to paint, I've been feeling completely out of ideas...blocked! not a good feeling.  I know this happens to us all and I also know it passes, so I've tried to embrace the temporary lull in creativity.

Less dynamic gestures but more personal
resource material in old family photos

Anyway all I can say is this workshop has been just what the doc ordered, something different and challenging. 

Here's the two unfinished works in progress that I've been working on today on the easel in the classroom. Donna's structural approach, simplifying the compostion to just 11 interesting shapes, I find quite fun. 
In the first image I'm working from a black and white magazine photo(you can see the image taped under the easel).  The second one, I'm working from an old black & white family photo (yours truly in the yellow cardi). I'm less happy with it's composition, but I hope to play to resolve it.  More fun tomorrow!


  1. Love the work you've done here.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. This is really great Mom! Glad you found your course inspiring, and are feeling creative again. Both pieces are awesome! xoxo

    1. thanks for your comment Holly, I will show you another one I worked on at the workshop soon. You will maybe recognize the 2 figures on the beach:)

  3. Hi Sally, just catching up on your blog! I so miss being a regular visitor to your blog but I have been up to my ears in writing lately!
    Sorry to hear you have felt a bit blocked, but what you have been posting is FABULOUS!! You have such a talent with flowers and I love what you have done with your black and white photo. Glad to hear the workshop hit the spot for you.
    I was a bit confused with your post about the French flower markets - were you there recently? Your peony painting is divine!!

    1. O I know the feeling about catching up...sometimes I go weeks without looking at ANY blogs, then I go on a binge of blog visiting. I'm glad you dropped in again! Thanks for your nice comments! No recent trips to France, these resource photos were from a number of years back when I visited France on Dave's 50th birthday...yesterday he turned 60! yikes?! I guess a few years has turned into 10 years. o m G. where does time go?


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