Friday, October 16, 2015

Gallery Road Trip

Some of my work on display at Gallery on Gore, Perth
Oh, Autumn!  You have bewitched me again.  
Today I set out on a one hour road trip to the town of Perth, Ontario for a visit to Gallery on Gore with the purpose of delivering new paintings.  

Usually I listen to CBC talk radio as I drive along, but this morning was sunny, bright and so spectacular, I wanted to be right in the moment and soak it all in.  Switch off that blathering radio and be mindful!
Canadian shield granite outcroppings among the myriad of fall color, luscious. I ended up taking a detour because of roadworks, but never mind, I traveled down roads never explored before.  I'm glad I could enjoy it today; I heard lake effects snow might be in the forecast for the weekend! ugh.

Johanne, hanging some of my work
Gallery on Gore is a lovely little gallery on the main street of Perth, Ontario.  Gallery owners Johanne and Kevin are professional and enthusiastic about the art, which is such a great feeling for an artist. I also think it's a super important quality when it comes to selling art.  So many people are intimidated entering galleries,they need to feel welcomed when they do.  No problem at Gallery on Gore, it's a friendly little place!
I was happy when they chose 8 of my paintings to restock their inventory of my work.
There used to be an empty storefront next to them when they first opened a few years ago, but now the Perth Picture Framing shop has moved in...perfect neighbor, I'd say!

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  1. Hi Sally, how wonderful that the gallery took 8 new works! They look great on the wall - I really love your striped armchair!
    I hadn't known there was a "Perth" in Canada too until I first saw mention of this gallery on your side-bar a while back. The drive through the autumn landscape sounded lovely!


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