Saturday, July 9, 2016

oh ya... instagram !

two of my recent 'quilt' paintings in the studio
oh no you didn't, I hear you say. oh yes I did.
Holly signed me up for an Instagram account last time we were together, but it was just this week I actually got around to using it. Like any new gadget, it takes a little exploring to figure out how to work it, but actually, it's pretty darn easy! One thing I hadn't realized is how enjoyable I would find it for accessing art...lots of it, randomly,  from artists all over the globe!   That is just fun!

I've been working on a group of paintings in the studio over the past few weeks, a couple of large ones with quilts in the garden, and a smaller one too, which I cant show yet. I  prefer painting the large size, because it allows freedom to play with the fabric patterns on the quilts. The smaller size is presenting challenges, but I think I'll find my way.

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