Tuesday, March 12, 2013


While out shopping on the weekend, I ran into a lovely friend and previous student of mine who asked me if I would teach again anytime soon.  It's the second request I've had quite recently.  I answered: "I'm thinking about starting again in September".  She said "or maybe the spring?".  I do understand the request, the urgency.  In it I recognise the same desire to begin something ...joining a class or a group of painters is one of the best motivations for setting yourself on the mission of making time for your painting in your otherwise busy life.  

I considered it again...I went home and seriously looked at the calender and wondered how I might fit it in this spring, but alas... with a 2 week holiday away in April... it just doesn't leave much time. There's my porch gallery to get ready for summer visitors (I open it May 1st)...also....spring gardening consumes quite a chunk of time. And I do love gardening.

So the fall it will have to be...This year, instead of teaching classes in town, I will run them from my home studio. It will be a lot less hassle than trucking equipment back and forth to class. Doing it from my own home studio will mean less students(max of 4) but a more comfortable pace for me.  It will be an 'open' class, in that students can work in their medium of choice; instruction will be individual.


  1. Super idea. You are wonderful, and everyone who attends will be more than thrilled to be in your home studio. Take care,

    Great photos of you.

    Miss you, and I think I'll see you soon!

    XO Barbara

  2. Hi Sally,
    Your porch gallery sounds very quaint - is it at your home - and separate from your studio?
    How lovely having people so keen for you to teach them, must be very satisfying.
    Are you getting any hints of warmer weather yet. We have just had a few cool nights and mornings where I actually had to don long sleeves!! I can smell Autumn in the air - Wonderful!

  3. Hi Barbara,
    thanks for the encouragement! I'd love to see you anytime...are you coming to town?

  4. Great idea~ Sure you are limited to 4 people max..but if the interest is there, than why not run 2 classes a week that way 8 people can enjoy your class~

  5. Hi Wendy,
    Yes the porch gallery is at my home...on the porch! That's why it's seasonal; the gallery's not heated in winter. My studio is also at my home, upstairs...close enough to the gallery but not right above it...you have to go through the kitchen to get to the stairs to the studio. It is quite quaint. My house is an old limestone farm cottage that was built in 1836...way before there was a Canada.There is a link to the porch gallery if you click on the picture with the umbrella just under my picture on the right.
    Yes I'm happy to teach a small group, it is very satisfying to watch people discover their creative side, and a small group is cosy.
    The temps here are starting to creep above 0, so we're very thankful. I was out prowling around in the yard looking for signs of growth yesterday, but too early yet...maybe next week! enjoy your cooler evenings, it's always lovely after a very warm spell to have a change isn't it?

  6. What a great idea and you have a lovely space to share with your students. A very spring like feel to your photos - sure it will happen soon now and you can start tending your pretty garden.
    p.s. Have you had chance to start the book?

  7. You are right Keith, it does say a lot, and mean a lot to me.

  8. Hi Sarah,
    YES, I started the book, and am really enjoying it! Thanks!

  9. Hi Sally,
    I have only just checked out your Porch Gallery blog. What a great idea for the warmer months! It looks very pretty and inviting from the photo. I will have to explore more closely all the links you have on the side bar. I never knew there was a Perth in Canada. Did you ever get to our Perth while you were in Australia?


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