Monday, October 21, 2013

birthday bambino

...what else about me does Google know?
Switched on the computer this morning and Google was there as usual, but different...I have to admit, it's just a little creepy, I'm sure it's all meant to be very friendly, but it makes one wonder...what else do they know? Hovering over the image I received a little message: 'Happy Birthday Sally!' ...cute... but it sort of creeped me out.
I am completely spoiled!  Dave bought me an ipad for my birthday! I was at Holly's on the weekend, and we were using their ipad to chat with my daughter Rachel via 'facetime'.  He said my face was 'priceless''s what gave him the idea. I am totally delighted!!  So nifty! Looking forward to giving it lots of use...and it is a white. I like white.

Friday was road trip day. Bonnie and I delivered new paintings to Gallery Perth.  Sarah came too, and then we did lunch afterwards. Always a pleasure, time with artist gal pals.  A very agreeable jaunt...autumn leaves glorious above the Canadian shield rocks as we drove through the Westport area.  Gallery Perth will be launching their new show A Change of Art on November 10th with an opening reception between 2-5pm.  I have 4 pieces in the show!


  1. Happy Birthday Sally!!! Sounds like you had a great day! Love the photo of you with your paintings. I hope they go well in the show.

  2. Oh wow how on earth did Google know your birthday?? That's crazy. Happy birthday though!!! :)

  3. Thanks Keith, ya I guess I should know google knows my birthday, but it is kind of wierd to get birthday wishes from a giant corporation. feels like big brother is watching everything.

  4. Happy Birthday Sally.....
    Great pic of you and your work in the gallery - it was a lovely trip out to Perth.

  5. thanks for the bday wishes Sarah. It was a fun day out wasn't it?!


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