Thursday, November 7, 2013

Maritime Morning

Maritime Morning - oil on canvas - 24x18 inches

Painting the early morning sunshine glinting across the harbour, I'm fiddling my 'welcome jig' to this sweet city by the sea.
I made lots of changes to my initial composition, listening to feelings about it as it progressed.  I had initially included the Bluenose, but I didn't like the way it was sailing out of the harbour, so I turned it around and had it sailing into the harbour...but then I felt it was not at home...after all, the Bluenose's berth is actually in Lunenburg, so I painted it out completely.  I was happier with the space provided once it was gone.  I had fun developing the docks and the buildings, I didn't pay much attention to what is actually's not literal, but I dont care. It makes me think of Halifax, and that's what I was after.


  1. Oh, it's wonderful. I love the harmony. It's so Halifax!

  2. those bridges are so Halifax, Keith. Thank you

  3. Hi Rachel! Spoken from a current Haligonian, that's a big compliment! thanks honey.

  4. Sally, you really do have such a great original style - very unique indeed! I LOVE this painting! There is so much life and vibrancy in it. I'm very impressed at how you use your artistic license and still retain a sense of the real location (I'm going on your other commenter here because I've never been to Halifax!)Beautiful!

  5. o thank you Wendy, lovely to have your feedback. It's sometimes hard to keep the 'life and vibrancy' when working on a painting over a long period of time, so I'm glad you see mentioned that...always helpful to have input from an art buddy. thank you!

  6. Hello Sally! I love Halifax! I love the Maritimes! My wife and I were ever so lucky to spend a summer house sitting on a friend's farm for an entire summer a few years back. I love everything about Nova Scotia! This painting is beautiful. So much wonderful visual information. Painted in such a wonderful style. You captured the essence of Halifax so well! Bravo! (I have been on holiday with no access to the internet and I am trying to catch up on my wonderful artists' blogs. I am thrilled to get back to see your work!
    (Best clam digging in the world at the flats at Lower Five Island Parsbaro Nova Scotia! )
    Now I am on to check out the rest of your latests works! Thanks for posting your wonderful art Sally!
    Your USA neighbor and Canada Loving Buddy!

  7. o Michael your comments are so uplifting, and your enthusiasm for my interpretation of Halifax is both confirming and extremely appreciated. Sounds like you've had a wonderful holiday, it is nice to 'go rough' and seclude oneself from the internet when on holiday isn't it? Hope you're rested and will be back at your easle in due time.


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