Monday, January 13, 2014

art distraction

I get distracted a lot by art. That is, when I'm supposed to be paying attention to what is happening in other realms, like tv or movies for example.  Instead I am attracted to what is on the walls. For example last night on tv I'm watching 'Lady Mary' glide up the staircase in 'Downton Abbey', and I catch sight of the frame of a gargantuous painting hanging on the wall behind her, anticipation builds in me and I find myself transfixed by what is to come in that it a portrait(yes it was!), and from what age...what artist? ...oh darn! the camera doesn't linger long enough for me to get a satisfying look! 
Painting in progress - oil on panel -
 The same thing happened recently when we were watching a super BBC series called the family house of the murder victim there was this interesting painting on the wall behind a dresser, and every time the camera was pointing in that direction I lost interest in the plot, and was transfixed by that piece of art!!  It was, I'm guessing, a contemporary(semi abstract?) landscape, but I never really got a good long look enough to satisfy my painterly curiosity.  I'm guessing this is a fairly common kindred painters experience!


  1. Love what you're working on. I must say it's hard not to get distracted by the backdrop in 'Downton Abbey'. I remember feeling that way about 'Road to Avonlea', then I did an article about the studio where it was filmed and was astonished that all of the walls were canvas, and it was amazing that the real fires in fake fire places didn't bring the building down!

    Downton Abbey is filmed on location, but some of it must be the same as Avonlea. I'd no longer be shocked, just thrilled.

    Love your work.
    XOXOXO Barbara

  2. Oooh! Love your little red cardinal!! I have dared to do a try one too even though I only know about them through others' blogs. I think they are so gorgeous! I love your painting so far Sally and the complicated branch structure. Look forward to the finished piece.
    Yes, I also get distracted with backdrops and suchlike watching shows.
    Happy painting!

  3. Sorry, I should have been more careful with the editing!

  4. I think art is a darned good distraction though :)

  5. Yes Barbara Downton Abbey gives lots of cause for distraction! That must have been fun getting to check out the Avonlea set! Thanks for your comment!

  6. Glad you like the start of the painting, Wendy...I did get the theme from Michael's posts! thanks!


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