Monday, January 20, 2014

Seaside cottagescape

cottagescape of folded paper
So yes I am fooling around some more with the paper and the scissors! heh heh. here is a tiny folded cottagescape similar to my little town that I made, only this one is with seaside/holiday cottages.  I am drawn to  miniature things. One day I will build a miniature beach house or cottage  somewhere in my garden to inspire my fancy.

Here's a picture I took many years ago.  Rachel and Holly are peeking through a gate to someone's garden at a house in Switzerland...can you see the little castle? 


  1. I love the beautiful, picturesque scene in that painting :)

  2. thanks Keith! it's a spot I visited on Prince Edward Island!

  3. I love the painting too, and the cottagescape. I also love the picture of your daughters as little girls. So lovely.

    XOXOXOXO Barbara

  4. thanks Barbara. have a great day


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