Tuesday, October 21, 2014

autumn atmospheric perspective

oils demo
I painted this demo in my afternoon class in oils to illustrate the concept of atmospheric perspective.  I had cad orange, ultramarine blue plus white on my palette because I wanted to keep it simple.  Too much colour can get overwhelming when you're learning.  About three quarters of the way through I caved and added cadmium yellow to the palette as I just couldn't get the birch foliage with orange and blue.  But it's kind of interesting to see how far one can take a painting with a super duper limited palette.

I'm heading to Vermont next week for a few days, looking forward to viewing the foliage on route. I will not be painting there but hope to gather photo resources while hiking. 

Birthday's are wonderful when the day's errands begin with lattes and pretty table linens...o...and did I mention scones? Thanks Roz. xo



  1. I LOVE your demo!! Just gorgeous - colour-wise,composition-wise and every-which-wise!
    Happy Birthday to you Sally!! Sounds like you were spoilt in a manner you would like to become accustomed to!!

  2. o thanks so much Wendy for your positive affirmation! most of the trees are looking like this around here these days with winter approaching they're turning 50 shades of yellow, orange and red! thanks for the birthday wishes, it was a great day yesterday.

  3. Hi Sally,

    Beautiful painting. Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday if it is. I'm sure you will have a happy year,
    because you are one of the happiest people I know.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  4. We are with you and your fellow Canadians during this very sad time! Canada strong! "Oh Canada!"

  5. hi Barbara! yes it was on the 21st. It was a lovely day. thank yous!

  6. thank you Michael, this has been a sad week for Canadians. We appreciate your thoughts. also condolences to your country with the high school shootings in Maryland. awful. tragic.


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