Saturday, October 4, 2014

mixed neutrals

Roman Waterhole- watercolour 8x10
Thursday's classes were about mixing colour; mixing from primary's and compliments. This Roman stone wash stand was a good subject because it had a variation of neutral tones mixed from compliments.  This is watercolour, but I also did a demo version in acrylics for the morning class and an oil one in the afternoon class. 
busy artists in the morning class
There was great energy in the room for both classes as everyone got right into their paintings. It's a good feeling when the enthusiasm is obvious; after all it is about having fun as much as it is about learning painting.

Friday morning was back to my own painting projects...I have been reworking the painting 'On the Patio' from a few posts back! i know I know, you probably think: "knitpicker!".  but the truth is I cant leave something alone if it's not singing to me.  I'm still not there yet, but will continue to revisit it until it rests well with me.  A number of other works are in various stages of resolution too which is kind of good, because I like flitting from one thing to the next better than slaving laboriously on one thing.  I somehow can keep my momentum going a little better this way. 


  1. You are a very talented artist.

  2. Hi Sally,

    I would love to be in a class with you, and can understand that the energy would be good, because you are so enthusiastic and upbeat. Lucky classmates. Love your painting and the discussions about painting.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  3. Hi Sally, I can see by the photo what a great energy is running through the class. Love the studio space!

  4. hi Barbara, i too would love to be in a class with you...only i think we'd be troublemakers. ha ha. wink wink.


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