Friday, February 6, 2015

bouncing around

Lake Study - oil on panel - 9 x 12
"The wonderful thing about Tigger" begins the children's song.  *Tigger*.  That's sometimes who I feel like!  I bounce around a lot, from subject matter to subject matter, one day it's this and another day it's that.  At least I know that the reason for it , is that it's all in an effort to be at the easel with  a degree of passion.  
At the end of this week,  after working loose and free on larger canvas's all week, today I'm doing small panel studies, adding and altering in a dialogue, of coming to the point. When it's satisfying, the dialogue of painting can be like a good chat with a friend; when  in the doing of it something begins to sparkle that you hadn't considered before. It's always sort of fun to see where things might lead and be open to unplanned directions.
This panel kind of reminds me of a song that we once sang around the campfire at girl guide camp...I forget the name of it, but some of the words went "blue lake and rocky shore, i will return once more". ...o yes and there was something about a beaver in there as well...very Canadian. ha ha.


  1. You may be bouncing around, but your painting is beautiful and serene!

  2. This is very beautiful. I know what you mean. I worked on two paintings today quite happily, but neither is ready to show the world. Unlike this perfect painting you've shown here. I am dazzled.

    XOXOXOXO Barbara

  3. hi Lynn,
    Welcome to my blog. thank you for your kind compliment.

  4. hi Barbara,
    thank you. I imagine you snug in your colourful studio painting away while it howls outside!


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