Monday, February 2, 2015

Snowed in and painting

Well there isn't much else to be done but paint this storm after the next has kept me snowed in. I went to the grocery store on Sunday, and ran into a friend, who said "I almost stopped in on you this week, but I couldn't get in your driveway;you were all snowed in".  Yup.  I did get out there and give it my best moves... 3 times in fact, but still only managed to clear footpaths to the doors. I wasn't worried. If I really had needed to get out I could have put the truck into 4wheel and driven through the snow. But it was a good keep on a roll in my studio.  The larger canvas's are getting a workout as I'm trying loose and free and floral.  Kinda fun, and the theme of flowers is keeping the winter blahs at bay. Here's a lineup of some works in progress on the wall today.


  1. Love these Sally,

    It is pretty snowy even here in the dot (Toronto), tomorrow I will attempt to move my car. But so far the street is not ploughed.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. Sometimes getting snowed in stirs the creative juices! :)


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