Thursday, June 4, 2015

Greener Pastures 3

Greener Pastures 3-
oil on panel- 6 x 9 inch
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When I'm driving along in my car, noticing the landscape rolling by my window, and especially the atmosphere of the day; I try to notice what I notice.  It's something that artists need to pay attention to...the things that make you look, the subjects that speak to you and your heart.  I have noticed that whenever I pass by cows or sheep in a field I look longingly at them. I kind of wonder  why they draw my eye more than other things. Maybe I was a shepherd in a past life?! ha ha. Anyway, I think there is something inherently peaceful about them, probably that's what speaks to me.  I enjoy trying to capture that feeling, and have done many paintings with sheep and cows.  This little one developed last week; I tweaked it yesterday. 


  1. I really love this one Mom! I love the cloudy/misty cover around the trees it totally captures the eye and makes me wanna stare at these little sheep all day. xoxo

  2. hey thanks Holly. maybe you have a little shepherdess in you too:) hee hee. thanks for your comment honey


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