Sunday, June 14, 2015

Saatchi for artists and Art by the Lake Westport

Any artists out there use the Saatchi online gallery to market their art? If any of you do I'd love to hear about your experience.  I've been considering whether or not to join.  

Wetland, Natural Order 2 - oil on canvas - 48 x 30"
One of my Wetland series got a make-over this week. I wanted more texture and in the process, I pretty much changed the color palette from pinks to cool greens. Which is okay. It's the old thing:  "When is a work finished?" and my answer to that is "When I find my harmony with it".  It doesn't matter to me if it goes through several evolutions.  Work evolves.  It will  be in the opening exhibition reception for the Art by the Lake Westport on Friday July 3, along with another work Winter Light with Tulips
Winter Light With Tulips - 30 x 30

The Art by the Lake Westport outdoor art show will take place on Saturday July 4th,  10am -4pm  in white artisan tents on the grounds of Sand Lake.  It's open to the public and there will be 19 exhibiting artists.  It's the first year for this show, which plans to become an annual event for the Westport area.  I'm looking forward to it, please come out and enjoy the show.

Art by the Lake Westport is at Sand Lake
Here is a little map of the area, I copied from google but it didn't come out very well. (Maybe if you click on it will view larger so you can read it better) I drew on the blue dotted line to show the way to the show.

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  1. These tulips are gorgeous Sally! You've captured the winter light beautifully!


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