Wednesday, December 30, 2015

a good read and Spoonflower!

This is the book I've just finished reading. The Art Forger  by B.A. Shapiro.  A great read for art lovers; it's historical fiction that keeps you turning the page.  Given to me during a visit with my friends mother while I was in Victoria,  it was a treat to have a good read to immerse myself in on the plane ride home, and linger on into the holidays.  

Linen/cotton canvas printed
with a detail of 'Bouquet' by Sally Chupick
Just before Christmas, I spent some time looking at print on demand websites for fabric. I like using my art for hand sewn items which I create in my sewing room and sell alongside my art at shows and fairs.  

I decided to order a sample from a detail of 'Bouquet' into 8 x 8" squares onto a 55% linen/45% cotton canvas.  When I received it I was thrilled with the print quality and the fabric quality.  I have ordered before from other POD sites that have been extremely disappointing, but I'm over the moon impressed with Spoonflower...a North American success, the company prints, cuts and ships around the world, from Durham, North Carolina. I ordered a little fabric swatches booklet beforehand, that way I could see and feel the actual fabrics they offer before deciding on which was best for me...they also print on wallpaper and gift wrap too.

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