Thursday, February 20, 2014

edges demo morning /atmospheric perspective afternoon

oils demonstration on 'edges'
The topic in my morning class today was 'edges'. Specifically their use as a tool to direct the eye, describe form during the painting process.  I began a 20 minute demo in oils, blocking in the main shapes on a small 8x8" square wood panel. The small size is good for demonstrating because it allows me to cover the area in a short amount of time, getting to the topic at hand.   This afternoon's class topic will be atmospheric perspective, so I plan to do a watercolour demonstration to highlight that idea.( yes I'm blogging during my lunch break)
The subject for the edge demo was Holly and Jane when they were young teens, on a paddle-boat pollywog search.  It made me feel good while I painted,  remembering that idle summer day at my sister in law's cottage.  Sadly, I rarely have snapshots like these lying about anymore. With digital images, they tend to all be buried within my computer files, and I rarely think to print them.  


  1. I had no idea that edges could be used as a tool to direct the eye. How neat!!

  2. Hi Sally,

    Great post. I love the description of the lazy summer day too. We have to do something about that lack of printing business don't we. All of our special moments are tied to devices that expire within years.

    XOXOXOXO Barbara

  3. Hi Keith, yes there's lots of tools in the art toolbox:)

  4. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for your comment. Always good to hear from you...i've been a little under the weather with a cold so haven't been painting much ...i feel like that will change soon.

  5. HI Sally, Love the painting and the post! What on earth is a pollywog?

    I too find it disconcerting having all my precious photographic memories in digital form. But I have thousands of them now I wouldn't know where to start with printing them.

  6. ha ha ha. Maybe you call them something different in Australia?... a pollywog is a frog before it is fully developed...a baby frog really...when it is mostly big tail, and it swims around in the shallows of lakes and rivers. Do you have another name for them?

  7. We call them tadpoles! How funny, I just thought ours was the universal word for them. How cute is pollywog!
    Being Australians we also call them taddies. Why say the full word when there is a shorter alternative haha!

  8. Wendy yes of course I should have used that term...i forgot about it...we called them pollywogs since i was a little girl, and so it continues. they are also referred to as tadpoles too here:) I should have remembered that! You're right you Aussies do shorten words a lot dont you?! ha ha. I think it's a rather endearing trait about Aussies. I still say 'avo' when referring to the word 'afternoon'...but sadly most Canadians dont know what I'm talking aobut! then i have to translate. my girls remember the lingo though as they did highschool in Oz.


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