Sunday, February 16, 2014

new look

I've recently discovered how to create image collages on my computer. I've never properly learned much software manipulating.
 But... I've been having a bit of fun playing around lately.  You can probably tell if you've been to my blog before; things have a whole new look.  The image collage building gave me an idea to change my blog design a bit; add a new header of some of my works. I played around with colours too.  I tried robins egg blue yesterday, which is a colour I love, but somehow it didn't say 'Sally' to me, so I played around some more this morning.  Warm colours seem to be a better fit for me, so I switched to melon.  
Change is good.  I never want to get stuck doing the same old things over and over.  Not that there's anything wrong with old things, they're good too, but the exploration of new ideas keeps the mind alive, and I choose alive.  
bicycle sketch - acrylic 5 x 7
In my class the focus was on shapes within compositions. For a class demo this small acrylic bicycle painting explored that concept. Although looking at it now, I feel the main shapes are rather lackluster.  
I had planned to try and work a bit more with acrylics in my own painting practice this winter. The benefit is that there is no need to ventilate the studio(pretty cold here for that at the moment), but ...I began 2 larger paintings in acrylics, only to end up switching to oils as I progressed.  So you see, there is something to be said for the old ways and what we're comfortable with too.


  1. Your updated blog looks great! Isn't it funny though how now it has changed I'm struggling to remember how it looked before!
    I like your bike study!I find I'm drawn to the foliage the most.

  2. thanks Wendy! yes funny how easily we let go of what was before:)

  3. I love the new blog design Sally. I have been meaning to update mine for quite a while. You've inspired me :)

  4. Love the header. I know how to do that, but not how to input it in my blog (I do think we neeeeed to talk.)
    Love all the design changes and choices, and the bike against the tree.

    You so rock!

    Happy Family Day in the family of art.


  5. Change is good Sally and I like your melon colored blog base , so soft . And I love the image of the bicycle under the beautiful foliage of the tree and lovely flowers . Have a nice weekend.

  6. thanks for the nice comments Keith and Jane and Barbara about the 'new look'!


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