Friday, February 14, 2014

mid week excursion

me enjoying the Doig exhibition
all Aboard!
My artist friend Sarah Hunter, and I took the train to Montreal this week for a much needed art excursion to the MMFA. Mainly we went to see the Peter Doig exhibition, but we also managed 3 other exhibitions while there, a little shopping, plus a variety of meal stops. What an enjoyable mid week art trip!  
Both of us LOVED the Peter Doig exhibit.  His canvases are massive; his colours and sense of design bring to mind a tradition begun by Gaughin and Matisse. To quote the New York Times; " Mr. Doig's canvases are unabashedly beautiful, a trait often viewed with suspicion in the contemporary art world, but for which he makes no apologies."  

Each of us went through the exhibit fully once, and then went back through it a second time to fully absorb it. The paintings are strong, all of them. Many had geometric imagery juxtaposed with organic shapes.  Personally, I was most drawn to the ones that were exclusively organic patterns and imagery; and especially the colours.  Bamm!!...Pop!..Kazamm!  Gorgeous.


  1. Hi Sally,
    Yes it was a wonderful trip and the Peter Doig exhibition just wonderful and so inspiring......

  2. Looks and sounds like a wonderful trip and it sounds like it was a magnificent exhibit!

  3. Hi Sarah! Something to stoke the fires of creation...!

  4. Hi Keith, yes thank you it was a fun and welcome break in this long winter. thanks for your comment!

  5. So pleased your trip to Montreal hit the spot! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  6. Love this post. Inspiring.

    XOXOXO Barbara


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