Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On The Patio

On The Patio - oil on canvas- 30x30
I worked some more on this piece after supper last night. I had started to get more literal than I wanted, in details like clothing, faces and flowers, but I didn't like where it was heading.. I did a fair bit of reworking, and I'm happier with the overall mood now. My main thought and interest in painting it was the passage of  light spilling across various surfaces, and so I wanted to keep it about that.  Which was the reason I had to say bye-bye to Frederic and Charlotte under the tree...ha ha. 


  1. I love this Sally! I especially love the people sitting at the patio outside :)

  2. thanks Keith! Appreciate you leaving your lovely comment.

  3. Love what you did. I so enjoy your thinking. I think I just move along and hope for the best. It's inspiring to me that you know what you're doing all the time.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  4. hi Barbara, thanks for your vote of confidance...I must confess already I have made changes...think this one is going to go through even more changes. I dont ALWAYS know, but I must admit i am constantly assessing...which is sometimes good and sometimes bad for a painting. time always helps though, when i can see more clearly.


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