Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday in Halifax

Me and Ella
I'm in Halifax with Rachel and Matt and my darling little grand daughter Ella! We are having a wonderful week, it's a treat to help out when I can and to share this very special time with them.  I know the time will disappear far too quickly for my liking! 
I brought some travel watercolours with me to play with during nap times etc.  I've been experimenting with them on a specially prepared canvas instead of watercolour paper.  It's interesting to get the feel of how it behaves; it doesnt' quite flow the same as it does on paper and it takes quite a bit longer to dry.  But it definately has possibilities, opening up an option for using watercolour and not needing mats, glass and frames for hanging afterwards. this sounds a great option to me. Here's this in progress experiment, thus far.  The travel set doesn't have a big selection of colours just a few basics, but it's been fun playing with the medium again.
experimenting with watercolour on canvas


  1. Beautiful baby, and beautiful painting. I love the expression on
    your face. There are few things nicer in this world than holding a new baby, and it must be thrilling beyond belief to hold your own grandchild.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. Congratulations Sally! Enjoy your grand daughter!Love your photos and very much enjoy your "Dreamscape Urban Landscape!" Hope you post some of your watercolors!
    Take care!

  3. nothing sweeter than a new baby or poppies for that matter!

  4. What a lovely picture of you with your new grand daughter Ella. So precious - she is a treasure. Love your happy poppies too......

  5. Thank you Barbara, yes thrilling indeed to be her grand mama. welcome home to Toronto.

  6. Thank you for the hearty congratulations Michael, and your kind words on my recent painting.

  7. Hi Mary,
    Lovely to have your kind comment! I checked your blog, and I love your free and happy work, I will be back to browse again soon:)

  8. Hi Sarah,
    Yes, I bet you can tell I'm just in love with her. I am so savouring these days. See you soon, it will be lovely to have a catch up.

  9. Oh Sally what a precious photo of you with your gorgeous little grand daughter! You look so young and pretty - impossible to think you are a grandma!
    Great painting too! Lap up this special time in your life!

  10. Hi Wendy, thanks sooooo much you really know how to make a Grandma feel like a million bucks! ha ha . I totally made the most of my visit with the little starshine.


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