Monday, November 10, 2014

A lark still bravely singing...

Remember- 8x8- oil on wood

I painted this last year, but it seemed fitting to post again tonight on the eve of Nov 11th.  Dave and I will watch the ceremony at the war memorial in Ottawa from home on tv tomorrow, taking time to remember them and reflect on the sacrifices of those who serve.

The Thousand Islands 'Holly and Ivy' Arts Fair is on this coming weekend in Rockport. There are 6 locations, each hosting a number of artists.  I will be one of the artists at LaRue House which is on the Thousand Islands Parkway at 247 Old River Road. Click on the link for more information and a map of the area.


  1. Beautiful Sally,

    We will all be united in memory tomorrow.

    Take care,

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. You made my day Sally! Great painting and a wonderful tribute to the many, many brave servicewoman and servicemen who sacrificed so much! So touching,emotional, and fills me with hope! I so very much believe that art heals and in this case so very well! Nice! Very nice! (I also reposted a painting for Veterans Day!)

  3. Such a poetic title and beautiful painting, Sally!


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